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Life Coaching

I offer Life Coaching that is preferably face-to-face, although Zoom or telephone sessions are also offered. Life Coaching can help clarify what is important to you, increase your self-confidence and self-awareness, help resolve past issues, identify unproductive habits and help you find your direction in life. Life Coaching will help you uncover your own unique beliefs and values, and help you live your life with purpose and integrity. Life Coaching will give you the tools to support you on your life journey.

We will explore why you think and behave as you do; we’ll explore your beliefs and values and agree how best to progress towards your goals and aspirations. I believe everyone has their own wisdom, and it is my job to help you discover your wisdom to provide you the answers you need to be your best self. Each session is one hour, and we would typically meet weekly or fortnightly.

The number of sessions required depends on your situation, goals and requirements. For best results I recommend you commit to three sessions initially, this will provide the framework for your new habits; and then, if needed, maybe a couple of extra sessions can be scheduled to allow you more time to create new sustainable habits while working with my support.

To make an appointment; or for details on pricing, including session packages go to Fees and Prices or Email: Text or Call: +64 (0)22 108 3319

Free Explore Coaching Session

It’s important you have confidence that coaching will help you with your situation.  


I offer a free 30 minute explore coaching session so together we can discuss how the coaching process could support you to achieve your goals.



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