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If you’re considering making changes to your career, relationships, lifestyle or business – then discussing your options with an independent person will provide you an un-biased sounding-board to discuss your ideas. A Coach will test your thinking, introduce new perspectives, come up with alternatives, and balance the discussion with feedback and insights so together you can develop plan to get started on achieving your new goals.

A Coach will help you take the first steps and support you when the going gets tough, they will also help you deal with unforeseen issues which arise. Having a Coach to talk through all the issues – who is working just for you (and no-one else…), and who doesn’t bring their own baggage to the discussion, will make sure that every session is productive and motivating.

To be effective the coaching relationship needs to be open and honest. While some feedback or discussion might sometimes be uncomfortable – it will be provided to help you grow your awareness of the wider implications of certain actions or decisions. A good Coach will be gently wise in their counsel – they will help you make the best choices and to prioritise the many options and issues you might be facing. Or if you feel you lack any options at all, they will help you find a path which starts you gaining back some control.

A good Coach creates independence in their clients – if they have done a good job of empowering and enabling self-reliance then the Coach should soon be redundant. A good Coach will know when their services are no longer needed – when you are firmly on the right path and you have the confidence and tools to reach your new goals.

A good Coach will also refer you to other specialists if they don’t have the skills to help you. A good Coach will never create dependency on their services. If a client is reluctant to stop working with a Coach, then it may be a sign that that other specialist intervention is required – so a good Coach will make the appropriate referrals.

Investing in a Coach can save you costly errors of judgement, or of direction. New Zealand is a very small place and it doesn’t pay to burn bridges. A Coach will help you navigate the difficult decisions to minimise the impact of your proposed actions on future options or opportunities.

I know I am biased – however I certainly recommend coaching for anyone considering making change in their life or business. Choose a Coach who gets you, and who is there for you; this will ensure coaching is a positive experience which makes a profound difference to your situation!

If you want to know more, then contact me to take advantage of a free 30 minute consultation.


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