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The following testimonials are from clients who have received coaching and/or training from Leone Evans. The feedback and comments provided are copied here with their full permission, only clients’ initials are shown to protect their privacy.

J.P. North Canterbury

“Thank you Leone, I'm going to miss your wisdom and the way you helped me look at things differently. You've helped me realise I sometimes just over-think and over-complicate things. You've really helped me realise my worth and to value it and that others need to understand that also. I have also learnt from you I need to stay focused and stop going off looking for shiny objects!

I also really valued and appreciated that you were so prompt in getting your summary of our session notes back to me after our meetings. Thank you again for your time, honesty, professionalism and sharing your knowledge and experience.”

J.T. Christchurch

“My first impression of Leone was of her professionalism and this continued throughout my life coaching sessions with her. Like many people towards the end of their careers (I’m sure,) I had been feeling in a rut for several years and was unable to find a way out of it alone.


Leone listened and understood my position completely, and gave me the nudge (kick in the pants?) I needed to sort my life out and map my way forward.  She never told me what to do but instead got me to sort out all the ideas and issues floating around in my head and put them into a logical framework.


After implementing a few practical steps and taking time to mull over and absorb all we had discussed, I came out with a realistic and flexible plan for the rest of my life – which is just great!


This plan encompasses my work, finances, relationships, hobbies, interests and personal goals: a whole of life approach. My life wasn’t a total mess - most of it continues as before - but having a proper plan to work on and making a few key changes has made all the difference.


I’m not on a rigid and tedious timetable - instead I’m on track to do want I want to do, as and when I can do it. My life now makes sense to me – I’ve already taken the first few steps along the way and it’s very satisfying to be moving forward on my own pathway.


This all happened over just four meetings (spread over a few months) and Leone was honest enough to refund my final planned session because the job had been done.


Leone is kind, empathetic and wise and I recommend her services highly.”


M.M. North Canterbury

“My sessions with Leone have been beneficial in ways I could not have imagined. I entered into business and life coaching thinking that it would support me to crack my internal whip even harder, in order to tick even more things off ever-growing lists.  Instead, Leone challenged me to re-examine my relationship with time, and to get really honest with my priorities. 

With Leone's input, the strangest and most wonderful thing has happened: I’m doing less, and achieving more. 

It is no exaggeration to say that my life feels positively transformed as a result of Leone’s wisdom and honesty. She is knowledgeable and insightful, unflinching and wise. I’m so grateful to have had these sessions with Leone, my life feels richer for knowing her.”  

H.S. Christchurch

“Over the six months of coaching I spoke with Leone about objectives in my current role, long term career aspirations, desire to travel and my wish to undertake an overseas voluntary service experience as well as my personal values and drivers. I got from Leone a belief in the fact I could achieve all the things I wanted to, in a way that was true to me – I just needed to make career and life decisions strategic so they counted towards my end goal. I now have Leone’s voice in my ear when I consider options “make it count!" 

She also added value in challenging me to “step up” and out of my comfort zone and to hone my “value proposition”, although that’s still work in progress!” 


N.B. Canterbury

“Leone Evans was a fantastic coach during the 4 meetings we had. It feels like I have made progress in leaps and bounds since we first started working together. Leone has a kind approach to coaching. She helped me realise my own self-worth professionally and as a person, partner and step-mum through making me work with colleagues and friends. Her coaching style is inclusive, and she uses several techniques and information from her own vast file of personal experiences, that allowed me to re-discover myself.

Leone challenged my thinking and preconceptions in a way that encouraged a positive, abundant and mindful approach to the answers I was looking for. She has a wealth of knowledge around anything "business", whether it be budgets, how to set them up, how to manage them and how to make them work for her clients. She helped me understand where I was; which in turn, clarified how to get to where I wanted to go with my business and employment situation.

I would recommend working with Leone to anyone who is finding taking that first step towards change daunting or unclear. If you feel something is missing, or that you really want to do something but you don't know where to start, then contact Leone! She'll help you see the light at the end of the tunnel!”

Christine Walter, National Training Director, NZ School of Life Coaching

“Leone is a confident caring coach who will help you to get to the crux of the matter, efficiently and effectively. Her empathy ensures you feel safe which enables you to have the courage to identify the true blocks and find a way past. I happily recommend Leone as a Transformation Life Coach.” 

Free Explore Coaching Session

It’s important you have confidence that coaching will help you with your situation.  


I offer a free 30 minute explore coaching session so together we can discuss how the coaching process could support you to achieve your goals.



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