Leone Evans
Certificated Life Coach
Accredited Business Mentor

My name is Leone Evans and I am a qualified business coach/mentor, professional and career coach, and life coach. I am an experienced professional with many life and business experiences relevant to my generation. 

I recently trained through the New Zealand School of Life Coaching. I am a qualified Abundance Coach and Breakthrough Life Coach. I have over 30 years’ experience in the corporate arena, which has included a wide variety of industries and managerial roles. My experience includes 14 years in the public sector, 19 years in the private sector; and since 2011 in the not-for-profit sector. I have managed and mentored staff, work colleagues, business owners and their management teams. I retired from "corporate 9 to 5" in 2011 to put in place my own dream lifestyle. I am passionate about helping you to become the best you can possibly be – as an individual; or as a business manager or owner. While I am completely dedicated to your development – you are still responsible for your own success.

My qualifications include:

  • Diploma in Psychology & Counselling (The Career Academy)

  • Accredited Business Mentor (Business Mentors New Zealand)

  • Certificate in Abundance Coaching (New Zealand Life Coaching)

  • Certificate in Breakthrough Life Coaching (New Zealand Life Coaching)

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Whether you are a start-up or an existing business, I can help you determine if your business is sustainable longer term, and if it will meet your future income or lifestyle expectations. I have made my own lifestyle transitions, operated small businesses, worked in large corporates, and managed multi-million dollar budgets. After a review of your situation I will be able to identify the key constraints in your business and/or management team (or with you as owner). I will work with you to identify what is not working well, and together we’ll find solutions to fix it.  Read More...


I provide Professional and Career Coaching. Whether you want to refine your career direction, embark on a whole new direction, receive leadership mentoring or resolve workplace relationship issues; then Professional and Career Coaching will help provide you with a sounding board to discuss your options. Then I will support you to develop a plan that will deliver on your goals. Professional and Career Coaching can be initiated by business owners or managers for their staff, or executives looking to manage their own professional development.  Read More...

During my own career, which took me from the "shop floor to management", I learned many management and leadership techniques along the way. One technique in particular which was most aligned to my personal values, has been to develop my intuitive leadership skills. This Creative Business Intelligence - Intuitive Leadership© training course will help you discover your true potential as an intuitive leader and provide you with the skills to lead and manage your own business to its fullest potential. This training course is offered as individual one-to-one training (spread over four sessions) or it is suitable for company in-house training. Note that content and duration can be tailored to suit individual or company requirements. ​Read More...

My own corporate experience has demonstrated to me that advancement within a company may not always include training on how to transition from being a team member to managing a team. This Creative Business Intelligence – New Manager Essentials© training course will cover all the essential managerial skills. It is offered as individual one-to-one training (spread over eight sessions) or it is suitable for company in-house training. Note that content and duration can be tailored to suit individual or company requirements.  Read More…

In my own journey of personal self-discovery, which has been the most intense these last 15 years or so, I have distilled the lessons I learned along the way into a comprehensive workbook. If you want to make lasting changes that will transform your life, give yourself a sense of purpose and give you back your joy for living - then through developing your own Four Elements to Ignite your Life Potential© I know you will be soon living your best life.  Read More... 

Leone Evans Coaching
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It’s important you have confidence that coaching will help you with your situation.  


I offer a free 30 minute explore coaching session so together we can discuss how the coaching process could support you to achieve your goals.


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