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You’ve probably heard lots of talk about being present or more aware – but maybe your view is that it’s all new age weird stuff which doesn’t really apply to you? But have you ever wondered why you don’t feel as fulfilled as you would like, or have an ongoing feeling of: “Is this all there is?” Maybe you have achieved material success in your life, but there is still nagging feeling that there is something missing, that there is a gap in your life? Well read on to see how becoming more aware or practicing mindfulness might help…

Often when there is so much activity in your life; where you are rushing from one goal or task to another; you may get to your destination and remember nothing of the journey along the way. Maybe this feeling doesn’t just apply to the last car journey you had, perhaps it is true for how you live your daily life. On the outside you may have a wonderful home, family and enough income to get by – with a little extra for life’s little luxuries, family entertainment or holidays too… However, you don’t feel connected to your own life; you’re feeling like a bystander…

I suggest that the reason you feel empty is that you are looking for things, status or activities to fill a hole in yourself! That the reason you are so busy, is that you don’t actually want to face the voice which arises in your head when things are quiet (that 4am dread…), so you fill your life with activity – you choose to be busy to avoid facing what is really at the bottom of the feeling that won’t go away.

One very simple practice can help – all you have to do is become more present. Recognise that the hole in your life is actually YOU! Only you can fill the void that you feel.

By showing up, and giving more of yourself to every activity in your life, you will begin to experience life more fully. Stop trying to multi-task! Be fully present when watching your child’s game of touch rugby – rather than spending all the time on your phone – replying to emails, texting, scanning Facebook etc. Actually watch the game – enjoy the sun on your shoulders, enjoy the delighted laughter of children playing and the cheers when one team gets a try. Speak to the person beside you. Engage fully in the experience that the present moment is offering you right now!

Apply this to your relationships – love more deeply – give yourself more willingly. Practice speaking your truth in a gentle and respectful way. Apply yourself to your job more fully. Look for the joy in all you do. Be more passionate! When there is more life in you, life will be more enriching, more vibrant and you will feel as if you have more energy and vitality – and yes you will be happier too.

By stopping the expectation that the world will come to you, and by making a point of proactively engaging with your world through being more aware and more present, then you will soon reap the rewards.

If you want some help to become more present, then give me a call!


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